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Our Values

One of the reasons A Step Up is successful is because our employees share a set of core values. It's important that we have clear goals and know how to achieve them in order to provide the high quality of service that we strive for. 


Open Communication

We believe that a truly successful business is built on genuine connections and authentic conversations. That’s why we always make sure to take the time to listen to our clients, understand their unique needs and goals, and transform those goals into positive results. It doesn't end with client relations though; we're passionate about acting with patience, honesty, and kindness with our fellow workers.

Attention to Detail

We find joy in seeing the difference our services make in our clients’ lives—whether it’s getting rid of all those stubborn stains or helping them finally feel at home in their own space again. We go above and beyond because we know that when people feel good about themselves and their surroundings, they can do amazing things!


Real Results

It’s not just about cleaning—it’s about making a space feel like new again. We’re meticulous, thorough, and passionate about our work. The result? A refreshed, revived space that will really bring out the best in you and your family.

Community & Client Engagement

We love our community and we want to make the most positive impact possible. Whether it's through volunteering, supporting local businesses, or building relationships with our clients, we are continually re-evaluating how we can spread positivity, encouragement, and joy, daily.


Growth, Excellence, & Inspiration

We value our employees and their growth, both personal and professional. We encourage all of our employees to challenge themselves and we foster an open environment, where all ideas are heard and accepted. This allows us to continue to improve ourselves as well.

Safety, Inclusivity, & Integrity

We are dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of our employees, clients, and community. We have developed policies and procedures focused on maintaining the health and safety of everyone involved in any aspect of our business. We take pride in being a trustworthy, responsible company.


Fun, Cohesive Teamwork

As a dynamic team, we understand the importance of fostering an environment where coworkers support one another and feel they can be themselves. We aim to create a positive working culture that encourages empathy, unity, laughter, growth, and close-knit relationships among our team members.

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