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Winner, Winner, Organized Pantry for Dinners

Nothing makes us feel better than when a client is thrilled with our work, and nothing makes our clients feel better than having our work done for free! Sarah was the winner of our Mother's Day Pantry Makeover contest and is loving the results. She says,

"I never thought a pantry could make me cry, but here I am, crying over a pantry. I won the pantry make-over giveaway and couldn’t be more grateful. I’ve got three little girls (3.5 years old and twin 2-year-olds) which are hard enough in a normal year, let alone during a pandemic. Both sets of grandparents live back East and haven’t been able to visit. Safe to say, my house is far from organized.

The pantry is now the cleanest, most organized part of my house and when people are allowed in again, it will be the first thing I show, we will gather in the kitchen, with the focal point being the pantry! Meal planning, prepping and grocery shopping just got a lot more efficient, which I’m super grateful for as every second counts when you’re a busy mom! Thank you so much Tracey and Deanna for this joy! (You know you're an adult when you get a rush every time you open your pantry door 😅)"

We couldn't be happier to have such a deserving mom win our giveaway. Congratulations, Sarah, thank you for being a joy to work with! Check out this gallery showing the organizing we helped Sarah with.

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