About Our Staging

What Do Staging Services Include?   


     Our professional staging can transform any home into a showhome. We declutter and reorganize your space allowing potential buyers to envision themselves in their future homes. Our professionally trained stagers have an eye for colour, decor, furniture placement, organization and ambience. 

     We offer home staging on a consultation booking basis. Our staging professionals will do a thorough room-by-room analysis to assist you in making optimal changes to highlight the selling features of your home. 

Why Should I Stage?

     Homes sell faster and for a higher price when they're staged. Studies have shown that 81% of buyers state that home staging makes it easier to visualize the property as their future home. In addition, homes are able to sell faster and have an increased property value of 1-5%. A clean first impression makes an impact on the buyer, and we can help you get there. 


   Professional stagers are able to maximize your home's space. Stagers know how to get the most out of every room by utilizing professional interior design techniques that create an elegant flow throughout your home. With a well-staged home, you can capture breathtaking photos to captivate potential buyers


Our Goal

We like to put our best foot forward and think you should too.  We want to make a beautiful and lasting first impression with potential buyers.


Your Benefit

Small adjustments can garner big results. The keen-eyed staff at A Step Up can help you get the most of your listing. 


Get Started

Our professionally trained stagers are eager to meet you! Let's get together and make a plan for your home.